Wednesday, February 22, 2006

How can you laugh and smile when it’s so clear that we’re dying?
Can’t you feel me here, you used to,
Or isn’t it worth trying?

Is this all just some charade?
Pretending how you should behave
and always hiding, hiding in your mind’s eye masquerade.

Moving in slow motion, rewind the part that I love best,
Don’t want to see the credits rolling,
It’s love, you jerk, and not some stupid test

Is this all a late night movie show?
Some place else out there you’d rather go?
Fade out, wade out, to hide in your shadow

Don’t open your lips, director cuts the scream,
Nothing’s real and the finale’s
just a dream”, anti-climax in the extreme.

Too late you closed your eyes to see me,
Too late I opened my eyes to save you,
and the distance between us stretches on endlessly.


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